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Classic Hardwood Mulch (sold by the yard)

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Classic Hardwood, our traditional hardwood mulch, is manufactured from reclaimed hardwoods and composted organic material. Classic Hardwood Mulch provides an economical alternative to color-enhanced mulches while maintaining its beneficial properties. The natural wood and organic material will release needed nitrogen back into your soil for stronger root systems. This mulch is double shredded to provide consistent sizing for excellent ground cover and will be a dark brown when first applied, but will eventually fade to a light brown color. 

Product Use

  • Recommended for newly planted beds, commercial or residential.

Features & Benefits:

  • An environmentally-friendly, reclaimed product
  • Helps prevent weed growth
  • Restores nitrogen into the soil as it breaks down
  • Keeps moisture in for healthier plants


  • Spread 2-3“ in depth uniformly when covering bare ground, shrubs, and brush
  • Spread 1-2“ in depth around ground covers, annuals, perennials, or when top-dressing beds
  • Always pull mulch away from the base of the plant to avoid direct contact
  • One cubic yard at 2” depth covers 162 square feet

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Product availability and selection will vary from store to store. If a product is marked unorderable on the website, please call the store nearest you to confirm inventory. Depending on where the material is shipping from, as well as the age of the material, the color will fluctuate from a dark brown to a warmer/blonde brown. 


Delivery Notice

Our drivers are prohibited from going into your yard to dump.


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