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Delivery Services 

Earth and Wood Landcape Supply Centers deliver to homeowners and commercial customers up to 7 days a week during our peak season. With our fleet of trucks and our seasoned, professional drivers, our delivery service is truly second to none. 

Our service area covers most of Northeastern Ohio.  

Maximum + Minimum Quantities 

We do our best to accommodate all of your delivery needs. However, there is a minimum delivery size of 1 cubic yard. Our maximum loads (per trip) include: 

  • 10 yards of Mulch 
  • 8 yards of Soil 
  • 6 yards (or 8 tons) of Aggregate (like sand, gravel or limestone) 
  • 5 tons of Lava Rock (Earth 'n Wood locations only) 

Since our rates are fixed, the more you order, the cheaper the delivery cost is per yard. We’d be happy to make several trips, but additional delivery fees apply. 

Delivery fees will fluctuate based on the material, quantity, and site delivering the order. 

Chosing the right spot to dump 

Our delivery drivers always try to place your material just where you want it. But there are limitations to what we can do. If there are problems like the ones listed below, we urge you to have an alternate site to dump. Keep in mind a truck measures 12 ft. with the bed down, and up to 19 ft. tall with the bed raised with a width of 8 ft.  

  • Overhead obstructions (branches/limbs, low hanging wires, overhangs, etc.) 
  • Wet grass or soft ground 
  • Excessive grades or slopes 
  • NEW concrete driveways 
  • Narrow openings in fences 

Laying a tarp down when expecting a delivery of dyed material will help to reduce the risk of staining on your driveway.  

We cannot control how the pile spreads out. Keep that in mind when selecting a dump location next to a fence, building, or other structure.  

While we do our best to drop material on a tarp when one is laid out, depending on how the product spreads and accessibility, the pile may not be centered or end up partially off of the tarp.  


Conditions of Delivery 

We will need at least 10 feet of width, and 15-18 feet of height clearance to dump properly.  

There should not be any low hanging branches, gutters, or other obstructions impeding the path of delivery.  

Depending on the age of the driveway, the weight of the truck may cause cracking or other forms of damage.  

If no one is home to accept the delivery, a drop location must be appropriately marked. If one is not visible, the driver will either drop the material in the best location available or will not drop the material at all.  

Our drivers have full discretion on where and how the material is to be dumped. We recommend having an alternative spot if the original location is not deemed suitable.  

All material must be dumped on your own property. We will not dump on a neighbor's lawn, in a vacant lot, or anywhere other than the address provided. 

Unfortunately, our drivers will not drop material in multiple spots or spread it out.  

Tailgating is only available with deliveries out of our Earth 'n Wood store locations.  

No tires will leave hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt, and stone). 

If an order is refused by a customer, delivery fees will still be charged. 

The delivery of material or product may cause damage to the location where the product is delivered in any number of ways, including but not limited to, the weight of the truck, the weight of the product, a combination of both, or staining caused by the product. In addition, damage to property could also result depending upon conditions of the delivery location. Such conditions include, but are not limited to, the existence or location of gutters and downspouts, overhangs, tree branches, wires, cables, or the size, width or layout of entrances, or any other obstructions which may impede safe delivery. Accordingly, Kurtz Bros., Inc. and Earth 'N Wood Products, Inc. reserves the right to make any final decision with regard to delivery and unloading procedures. 

By accepting the delivery, you are accepting the responsibility of any damage that could occur.